About us

Many good and promising ideas for new medical technology products (MedTech) arise in the Northern Netherlands, both from institutions as well as from young startups and experienced entrepreneurs. A large number, however, do not get beyond the idea phase because the development of MedTech products is complex and time consuming. The demands of the market are high, and regulations are strict. Rarely do these ideas reach the level desired by investors and industry, while they in turn find assessing feasibility challenging. Idea owners are looking for easy access to the knowledge and experience that is readily available in the region but are rarely able to pay for it directly. AccelMed North offers the innovative solution: it makes regionally MedTech knowledge and experience available to idea owners in an accessible and objective way!

Our story

AccelMed North BV, founded in May 2020 and based in Groningen, operates as the Northern MedTech knowledge platform and brings parties together to share knowledge in the early phase of developing an idea. AccelMed North B.V. hires the knowledge partners for the input of knowledge, support, advise and expertise.


The main objective is to organize a sustainable, effective, objective and accessible connection between idea owners and high-quality regional knowledge and expertise to make good MedTech ideas investable.


Our Team

In order to make optimal use of the benefits of the northern ecosystem, the team consists of various people from various organizations:

Elke Veenman

Project leader
AccelMed North BV

Johannes Wolters

AccelMed North & CEO Lode Holding BV

Ronald Hesse

Business Developer
Triade, Campus Groningen & LIFE Cooperative

Daan van Oldeniel

Business Developer
Campus Groningen & LIFE Cooperative

Kelly Kroeze

communication, branding & events
Campus Groningen & LIFE Cooperative


The knowledge partners are selected on the basis of their specific MedTech technical knowledge or knowledge of business development, market or entrepreneurship. This allows idea owners to make use of knowledge and expertise in almost every field.

Although the knowledge partners involved in this application have a particularly large part of the required expertise, there will always be things missing. For all these matters either a partner is involved in the project through the Life Cooperative, or expertise is hired on a temporary basis.

“It is about bringing very concrete ideas into companies or products, that is what we are entrepreneurs for”