Triade invests in Sencilia BV

RUG Ventures and Triade invested in Sencilia BV, an early-stage med tech startup co-founded by dr. Amar M. Kamat (managing director) and dr. Ajay G.P. Kottapalli (chief scientific advisor).  The company will commercialize the innovative micro/nano technology research performed by dr. Kamat and dr. Kottapalli at the RUG. Sencilia develops innovative flow sensing solutions for the biomedical industry. Using a patented fish-inspired technology, Sencilia harbors the vision of realizing ‘smart’ hospital wards by automating flow management in ICU’s with the aim of reducing intravenous dosage errors, improving the accuracy of fluid balance in critical care patients, and mitigating nurse work load. The investment will boost the company’s technology and business development and will help accelerate their plans to pilot-test the sensing system at the UMCG in 2022. AccelMed North is proud of Sencilia BV, who has pitched during a AccelMed North Pitch Event in the past.